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Οδοιπόροι_City Steps, is a walking participatory performance which invites persons-residents and visitors of
Athens to participate in the city in an alternative way for three days. Each day eight participants along with four
performers, co-form a contemporary ritual of passage, which signifies the personal identity unfolded into a
tripartite process composed by the three actions of escorting, wandering, and gestural imprinting within the city
center. Throughout the four-hour duration of this happening, public and personal spheres converse, highlighting
unique, ephemeral and weird aspects of life.

The project is inspired by multiple traditions from Australian indigenous people to Situationists and the
concept of psychogeography, seeking to function as an interpersonal communal experience of alternative
contact with the self, the others and the environment in the context of exploring and engraving new roads.
The new ephemeral trails arise from the involvement of each citizen, highlighting the uniqueness as an
indispensable ingredient for the creation of a Contemporary City, which is rejuvenated constantly by the
action of our steps.

This performance is part of a series of projects exploring communication into the intermediate space between
‘the personal’ and ‘the public’ and is carried out with the support of the Culture Office of the City of Athens
in the frame of the Athens City Festival.

concept, design of performance: Katerina Kataki
visual curation: Ira Spagadorou
performers: Dimitra Kolokitha, Katerina Kataki, Tasos Tirogalas, Fanis Sakellariou, Chloe Aligianni
facilitators: Chloe Aligianni, Ioanna Galani
constructions: Giannis Kapellos
photography: Alexander Koromilas
video documentation: Xenia Tsilochristou

city festival_EN_combo_B_W-01-3.png

With the support of the Culture Office of the City of Athens


movement direction 

a project by artist Nicola Dale

More about the project:

With the support of Arts Council England, Arts Council Wales, Chisenhale Studios and the Fenton Arts Trust.

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