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Unity, duality, trinity, eternity, balance, division, completeness, repetition; the abstract world of numbers translated into ideas. ‘Intersection’ draws inspiration from the symbolic use of numbers in faith, mythology and philosophy and brings original dance and music into sacred spaces. A study of form and emotion, the work brings together architecture, movement, sound and light and creates a unique world where an enchanting web of untold dance stories come to life. 

An ever evolving show, each performance space is the work’s missing piece. The ensemble spend a day to adapt choreography and lighting to its architecture, embrace its history and remould the dance on site, resulting in a unique performance for every site.

original music: Dani Howard

choreography: Chloe Aligianni

film: Lucie Sheppard

dancers: Elzbieta Kowalic, Eleanor Palmer, Clelia Vuille, Markella Kefallonitou

musicians: Nina Harries (cello), Kitty Brooks (vibraphone / percussion)


Heath Street Baptist Church (London)

St. Andrews Church Southgate (London)

St. John's Church Hillingdon (London)

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. With the kind support of Hillingdon Council, West London Dance & Tomorr Kokona and Compass Theatre Ickenham.

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