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A tale outside of specific time and place that explores connection and intimacy in the urban environment. Through visceral movement, subtle theatricality and an eclectic musical score for electric guitar, we follow the lives of three people violently intertwined by a sudden collision in a dystopian crossroad. In the effort to dismiss the incident as trivial an unexpected dialogue emerges. What was seen as an obstacle is now an opportunity and the crossroad the setting for a unique bond to develop. Is this a trivial encounter or one that will change their course forever?

choreography: Chloe Aligianni

original music: Stelios Kyriakidis

lighting design: Anna Sbokou

dramaturg: Tania Azevedo

performers: Jon Caruana, Savina Casarin, Morrighan MacGillivray, Gaia Cicolani, Clelia Vuille 

'Trivialis is shrouded in mystery, but  for me, that's part of this show's charm - it appeals on a purely instinctive level. A constant struggle is after all part of the human condition, and  one to which we can all relate. Trivialis is a captivating hour of original  dance and music,  delivered by some very talented performers…’
Views from The Gods

'...mature dance theatre...' Graham Watts

'When choreography says it all, it is beautiful.' 
Claire Cohen,
Resolution 2015 round up of best shows


Blue Elephant Theatre

Footprint Festival

Resolution!at The Place

East London Dance Blueprint Festival

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