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space cadet (noun)
i. a trainee astronaut
ii. someone out of his mind, a lunatic

From our beginnings we are constantly in motion; growing, evolving, discovering. We transition from one state to another, seeking the ideal place and time, the perfect equilibrium, our ‘home’.

‘The Space Cadet’, a poetic journey into space, a cosmic quest of a solitary traveller, the astronaut. Audience and performer are constantly transported to new places, cover large distances and discover new frontiers, natural and artificial. Constantly on the move the explorer criss closes spacetime, piecing fragments of a collective and personal journey. Our protagonist exists within a tailor made installation which sometimes feel like a home, vehicle, spaceship from the past or future, and at others like ‘prison’, game or his entire universe. Architectural lighting and soundscapes create transitions in space and time. Past, present and future merge.

The work bridges space science and research with contemporary dance and hip hop culture. ‘The Space Cadet’ is a pop up performance, with the set installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces.


concept, choreography, music, design: Chloe Aligianni
astronaut: Gian Aggelos Apostolidis Isaak (a.k.a Fuerza Negra)
shadow: Katerina Kataki
co-creation of movement material: Chloe Aligianni & Gian Aggelos Apostolidis Isaak (Fuerza Negra)
lighting design: Anna Sbokou (ASlight)
set & helmet construction: Yannis Aligiannis (adventure tech)
text editor: Katerina Kataki
narration: Thanasimos (Nikos Hatzis)
technicians: George Antonopoulos, Nikos Iliopoulos
sound mixing: Εllen Curtis
videographer: Xenia Tsilochristou
scientific consultants: Dr. Thanassis Akylas , Dr. Mindy Howard
music mentor: Lee Boyd Allatson
production assistants: Christina Antonopoulou, Olympia Exarchou
communication: Vasso Sotiriou-We Will

the astronaut’s shoes are provided by Ministry of Concrete
the astronaut’s suit is provided by Safework LTD.


Copy of Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 4_edited.jpg
Copy of Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 4.45_edited.jpg

A project in collaboration with Flux Laboratory Athens. Funded by The Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports. With support from The Croft Residency.

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