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The Third Planet away from the sun is the Earth.

Welcome to our shared home!

Third Planet was founded in 2020 by choreographer Chloe Aligianni and is a small scale cultural organisation based in Athens. The human body and movement are at the core of our projects, but we adhere to an interdisciplinary approach that embraces partnerships between arts, sciences and society. Our main value is creating opportunities for meetings and intersections between the above. We believe that in its honest expression, art can be found and produced everywhere and experienced by everyone. We seek the balance between the individual's capacity to express deep, subjective emotion and the timeless experience of art as a means of exploring the most collective, existential questions of our kind. We have been funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Flux Laboratory Athens, City of Athens, Greek National Opera among others.



With a background in dance and visual arts Chloe Aligianni is a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist. She has studied visual arts at Middlesex University and choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. Her work has been supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports, Arts Council England, Flux Laboratory Athens and other public and private bodies in Greece and abroad. Since returning to Athens in 2020, she set up her own performing arts company - Third Planet - through which she produces, creates and delivers a wide range of projects relating to movement and its synergy with arts, sciences and community. Chloe has been supported artist at Chisenhale Dance Space and Free Space Artist at Studio Wayne McGregor in London. Alongside her choreographic practice, she movement directs for theatre & visual arts, curates, produces and occasionally creates sound & music. Chloe was part of Gary Clarke's (DV8) first LUSTRUM project in London (Greenwich Dance Agency) and has trained with David Zambrano in flying low and passing through techniques. She has taught dance extensively for the Step Into Dance Program of the Royal Academy of Dance (England), in secondary education, and to professional and amateur dancers.


Anna studied at Bartlett UCL (MSc Light & Lighting) and Goldsmiths (Theatre Production) in London, where she worked in theatre, dance, opera, festival and site-specific productions for the last 15 years. She has worked with local and international groups in London, Edinburgh, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, India and Athens. In 2009 she was awarded 'Young Lighter of the Year' by SLL (Society of Light & Lighting) and in 2016 was on the list of '40 under 40' (40underforty – Lighting Design Awards 2016) of up-and-coming lighting designers worldwide. At the same time, she has been involved in architectural and museum lighting since 2006, participates with speeches in international conferences and was a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Illuminators (IALD) in 2014-2019.


Katerina Kataki is a performance artist, researcher and theater pedagogue specializing in Theater in Education & Community.  Her main artistic media are body, voice and writing. The orientation of her works is directed towards the creation of original content by combining the art of performance, devised theatre, participatory theatre, and poetry with an orientation towards collective experience. She is particularly fascinated by merging the artistic practice and theoretical research within the field of philosophy, anthropology and sociology. Over the past years, she has been part of exhibitions and performances collaborating with various artists [ETCH INK Gallery, Victoria Square Project, Kessanlis Exhibition Center - Athens School of Fine Arts, etc.]. Her first solo performance in public space is the work Public Diaries, in Syntagma Square, inaugurating a series of projects on the subject of the communication of passers-by in public space. Οδοιπόροι_City Steps is the next work included in these series. Since 2014 she has been active in the field of culture in Greece and abroad, as a performer, assistant director, curator assistant, and coordinator of various artistic-educational programs. She also seeks to create social projects through the field of Applied Performing Arts. Since 2019 she has been a constant partner of People Behind, where she coordinates theater workshops for groups of adults 65+, while being a member of the Hellenic Network for Theater in Education. She was born in 1989 in Athens. She studied History and Theory of Art in the Fine Arts School of Athens (2012) and Drama & Physical Theatre in Archi Drama School (2015). She is an honors graduate of the MA program "Drama and Performing Arts in Education and Lifelong Learning" of Fine Arts Peloponnese - Department of Theater Studies (2019)  

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Xenia Tsilochristou - Film Maker

Xenia Tsilochristou was born in Volos and studied Film & TV Direction in Athens. He is a director and editor. He has collaborated with production companies in advertising, cinema and theater. Among other things, he has directed the short films "Fear or Obsession", "The End?", "Nobody's Irreplaceable", the documentaries "A Hug for the Third e-Life", "Before Now After", "Lend An Ear". From 2022, he collaborates with the Karolos Koun Art Theater creating the trailers of his theatrical productions. She has worked at Star Channel (B. Program Director), has directed video clips of well-known artists and has many years of experience in the field of advertising. She collaborates with well-known sites for their advertising campaigns and interviews (, etc.). Her works have been awarded Best Direction Award, Funniest Movie Award, Best Documentary Short Film, Best Social Awareness Short Film, Best Documentary Short Film for Humanity and Audience Award.


Polena Kolia Petersen - Choreography / Text

Polena is a Greek-Danish dancer born and raised on the island of Leros, Greece, and based in Athens. She performs and facilitates dance
revolving her artistic and physical practice around Open Training / MB, the physical component of Japanese Butoh dancer Min Tanaka’s Body
Weather approach, which she studied close to Kitt Johnson/X-act and has been a crucial encounter for developing her personal physical
practice and approach to performing arts. Her creative practice focuses on unfolding methods for physical and social participation of varied
audiences in the research, production and/or sharing of the dance work, as well as methods for connecting to locality through site-specific and outdoors performances. Polena has collaborated as a dancer with companies such as Amorphy/Tzeny Argyriou (GR - upcoming), Norrdans (SWE), Persa Stamatopoulou Dance Co. (GR), Kinitiras Dancetheater (GR), Neopost Foofwa (SW), Daisy Farris Dance Co. (UK). Her work has been presented at Dance Days Chania Festival (2019 & 2021), Fluxum Foundation Athens (2019), Tentart Festival (2019) and Ticino in Danza (upcoming) and has been funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and by the programme All of Greece One Culture (2021 - 2022). Performatively Polena enjoys delving into the body’s physicality, expressivity, relationality and its ability to project a simultaneous focus inwards and outwards. As such she examines the body as a transcendental physical medium through which we connect to each other and question our usual ways of perceiving time, space and our status quo through the dance work. Finally, her physical practice and artistic research address sustainable frameworks of practising and creating contemporary dance, while building durable bonds with and for local
communities. She has been awarded the Mary Zemke Memorial Fund Prize 2017-2018 from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance for the ability to bring people together through her dances. (un)common goods (

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X-Works is based in Athens and is active in the construction of climbing walls, adventure parks, technical work at height as well as rock climbing training.  Founder, Yannis Aligiannis began climbing as a member of EOS Athens in 1974 where he completed the schools of mountaineering, climbing, rescue and skiing and contributed devisively to the establishment of sport climbing in Greece by opening routes of great difficulty and organising climbing competitions. He has been a Greek champion in climbing and as an instructor was in charge of the school of EOS Athens and an elected member of the Technical Committee of Mountaineering. He was involved in the manufacture of technical clothing, founding the company POLAR (1978-1992), and constructed and operated the first climbing walls in Greece, Rock Studio (1990-1992), Husky Fun Sport (1992-1994), Rock Studio (2001-2006, now The Wall) and Boulderopista. Since then, he designs and constructs climbing walls, adventure parks, as well as various projects related to works in height in theatre, cinema, industrial and archeological environments.


George Antonopoulos - Technical Manager

George Antonopoulos has been a lighting technician since 2008. He has worked as a lighting technician and designer in many theater stages in Athens. Since 2016 he is a partner of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, now the lighting manager of the H area of ​​Piraeus 260, and since 2019 a permanent partner of Pallas Theater. He has also collaborated with Evripides Laskaridis in the international tour of the show "ELENIT" as stage manager.


Yohanna Galani (company intern)
communication & research


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